Self Awareness is the most needed knowledge as self-awareness (SA) allows a person to feel peace and calm within the self. SA answers the question that has confused many minds from time to time:

"Who Am I"

 When I started conducting workshops in the Prisons and with MSF groups of youth, I realized these were some of the people who were most misunderstood because these groups of people did not know how to relate with the Self, thus hindering relationships with Others. Making Choices that did not hurt self and others became a chore and confusion for these groups of otherwise wonderful people. 

Some youths and adults from MSF and Prisons still keep in touch with us just to let us know that they are ok or that they need support to manage stress. This is their way of saying that they are now more self-aware of situations that cause them to give up in life.


Let's get together to support each other through the "Journey of Life" that can be tricky unless we know how to look at situations as puzzles. 

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